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4 Tips to Improve Your Estes Park Rental Property Staging Efforts

4 Tips to Improve Your Estes Park Rental Property Staging Efforts

Marketing a vacation rental property can seem challenging at times, especially during these dark hours of the pandemic, and staging can seem even more difficult. Staging is one of the most vital aspects of any marketing strategy for a vacation rental property, unfortunately it also happens to be one of the trickiest. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when staging your Estes Park vacation rentals.    

1. Keep it Clean

Although this might seem elementary, when staging a vacation rental property you have to start by doing a thorough cleaning. Start by cleaning everything from top to bottom, room by room and then you can focus on the style and aesthetics of the staging. 

Here’s why cleaning is such an important step in the staging process and why you can’t skimp on it. If you spend the money to stage your property with expensive props, furniture, or new appliances the staging won’t do a lick of good if a customer viewing the property can tell that it’s unclean. 

2. Show Off Your Kitchen and Keep it Well Stocked

One of the most important aspects of any vacation rental property is the kitchen. Although most people who pay to stay at a vacation rental property want an escape and want something that feels unique from their home, they still want a clean, functional, aesthetically pleasing and well stocked kitchen. 

When staging a vacation rental property be sure to show off the kitchen and when you do make sure that you highlight how clean and inviting it is. You should also demonstrate how well-stocked it is with kitchen supplies. When people are on vacation, they don’t want to rush around buying things to cook a decent meal. 

3. Highlight the Bedrooms

When people go on vacation they’re looking for a good time, but they’re also looking for rest. You can project a promise of the best of both by highlighting the bedrooms when staging your vacation rentals.

The whole point of staging a vacation rental is to attract customers which means that you need to make the bedrooms look better than the bedrooms they have at home. You want to evoke an image of paradise. Your staging should present the bedrooms of your vacation rental as an oasis where dreams come true. 

4. Emphasize the Experience

In staging a vacation rental, there is only one thing more important than choosing the right furnishings and the right lighting is to highlight the experience. Anyone can post pretty pictures and make a property look clean and inviting, but what customers really want is an experience. They don’t just want a pretty place to stay, they want something unique, something that they can’t find at home. 

If you can provide an experience that is superior to what someone can have where they live, you’ve got it made. The key is to capture that potential experience through imagery. 

You need to capture the image of relaxation or exhilaration depending on your target market. Staging a vacation property located in Estes Park works best when it highlights the joys of to lounge about the lake, go swimming, or man the grill with a mountain view.   

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Image Source: Pixabay