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Attracting Estes Park Renters Post COVID-19

Attracting Estes Park Renters Post COVID-19

The global pandemic of COVID-19  has disrupted countless industries, and the vacation rental industry was one of those that were hit the hardest. Now that things are starting to ease and open up a bit, it’s time to get back to business. There’s just one problem. Convincing folks to come out and stay in a vacation rental after they’ve been drilled relentlessly about the dangers of germs and going anywhere might be a tad bit difficult. Here are some tips on how to attract renters to your vacation property in Estes Park. 

Leverage Your Area, the Natural Beauty of Estes Park

Believe it or not, vacation rental property owners in more populated areas such as Florida and California might have a harder time attracting customers than you will in Estes Park. If anything, the pandemic has been encouraging people to spend time away from large groups and other people in general. You have the opportunity to capitalize on how remote Estes Park is compared to more urban locales. 

People have been cooped up in their homes too long, and even though they know that they shouldn’t go out into busy areas, they can still have a righteous vacation away from others. If your vacation rental is a cozy secluded cabin or something similar, you’re golden. Folks want a place other than their home to retreat to and unwind, let your rental property be that place!  

Give Your Marketing a Boost

When it comes to attracting customers, one of the most powerful tools you have available to you is marketing. As you know, marketing your vacation rental independently is a lot of work. The sheer amount of time involved can easily overwhelm, especially if you’re still maintaining the properties personally. 

PMI Estes Park has the marketing power to give your vacation rental property the boost it needs with robust coverage. By partnering with a skilled and talented vacation rental property management company like PMI Estes Park, you’ll blow your competitors out of the water. when your competitors are doing their own marketing on social media pages that hardly anybody else even sees, and you’re standing on the shoulders of a marketing giant, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’s going to get more business. 

Recovering the losses sustained during the height of the pandemic will take time, and vacation rental property owners who are savvy enough to take on a little help in the marketing department will recover much faster than their peers. 

The marketing pros at PMI Estes Park know how to attract customers in any market, including one stricken by the pandemic. We know what people are looking for in this difficult time and how to generate interest in your vacation rental.  

Give Yourself a Break While You’re at it

Once you’ve started enjoying the benefits of PMI Estes Park’s superior marketing techniques and you see a much-needed uptick in the number of renters you get, you might want to consider outsourcing the maintenance too. 

PMI Estes Park is a full-service vacation rental property management firm. We can promote your property, and maintain it, keeping it in perfect condition while observing all of the necessary pandemic related regulations so that you don’t have to. 

PMI Estes Park

PMI Estes Park specializes in maintaining, and marketing vacation rental properties. Whether your vacation rental business has been struggling since the pandemic or not, you can still benefit from the marketing power of PMI Estes Park, not to mention the convenience of their superior maintenance services. 

Want to attract more customers to your Estes Park vacation rental? Call PMI Estes Park, we’ll hook you up!