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Growing Your Portfolio? 5 Things to Look for in an Estes Park Rental Property

Growing Your Portfolio? 5 Things to Look for in an Estes Park Rental Property

Think you’re a savvy investor? Then you’re going to want to know about the next big thing that you should be incorporating into your portfolio. As an investor, you’re versatile, you can sink money into anything you want as long as you have assurance that it will make you even more money. If you’re serious about making more money and compounding the returns on your investments, then you need to start buying up rental properties in Estes Park, Colorado. 

1. Minimal Maintenance

For those of you looking to maximize your profits on Estes Park rental properties, you’re going to need to look for properties that require minimal maintenance. The more you spend on maintenance the less money you’ll make on your investment. If your rental properties are strategically located near popular attractions like lakes, mountain trails, or activities you shouldn’t be spending money to maintain extensive gardens, etc. 

It’s important to note that even when you have a rental property that requires minimal maintenance, you should still work with a rental property management company. Contrary to popular belief you can actually make a lot more money on your investment by partnering with a rental property management company than you would by managing your rentals independently. 

2. Don’t Look for Trendy Updates, Look for Good Bones

When you’re shopping for potentially profitable rental properties in Estes Park it’s important to note that you shouldn’t be looking for properties with trendy updates. What you need to focus on are properties that have good bones. Trends and fads fade and pass away, properties that are solidly built do not. 

If you buy a property that has serious structural concerns just because the interior has been covered with cosmetic updates, you can lose a lot of money. You need to look for properties that will hold up for many years, you can always add your own cosmetic touches afterward. 

3. Find Properties That Are Close to the Attractions of Estes Park

Estes Park is blessed with a wealth of lakes, mountains, and scenic beauty. As an investor,  you can leverage the scenic beauty of Estes Park to your advantage by sourcing rental properties that are in proximity to its most popular attractions. 

The rental property management experts at PMI Estes Park can help you find the best and most strategic locations to look for potential rental properties. We know the area and we know what tenants are looking for in Estes Park.  

4. Look for Resale Value

In all practicality, you should always have a plan B and when it comes to the vacation property rental business one of the biggest mistakes you could make is to ignore potential resale value. 

Even if your goal is to make as much money as possible off of an Estes Park property as a rental, you should be prepared to resell the property at a profit down the road. Remember, anything can happen and if you start having trouble attracting tenants to your Estes Park rental properties, you’re going to need to be able to recoup your investment by selling them off. 

Properties with the best resale values are close to amenities and other vital attractions like schools, hospitals, etc. As long as you’re strategic in your selection you can’t go wrong when it comes to making money on Estes Park real estate.  

5. A Locally Available Rental Property Management Company

Finally, you’re going to want to look for a vacation property management company like PMI Estes Park that’s locally available. Managing a series of vacation rental properties on your own just isn’t worth it. Unless you partner up with a vacation rental property management company, you’ll lose more time and money than it’s worth. PMI Estes Park has a wealth of rental property management experience, we don’t make money unless you do which is why we’re so good at what we do! 

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