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Inexpensive Upgrades That Can Make a Huge Difference

Inexpensive Upgrades That Can Make a Huge Difference

If you are interested in making some inexpensive upgrades to your rental properties that will make a big difference and add more appeal, we have some good tips for you. By making a few inexpensive upgrades you can easily attract more business to your Estes Park vacation rental properties. 

Ideas for Upgrades that Cost Less Than Half a Grand

One of the most conservative upgrades that makes a huge difference and facilitates keeping your budget in check, is paint! Painting can change the whole look of your rental in a blink of an eye! You can take advantage of the trendy colors like some pastels, shades of blue, and rich moody hues. 

Another idea is to add a touch of color for accent on some of your key rooms. Accent colors are tragically underutilized and can revolutionize the look of any room. Paint is cheap and it can help you bring in a ton of money by attracting new tenants when you stage your freshly painted property. 

Make a Change in Your Flooring

You can always go on a conservative level by going with vinyl. You can also focus on smaller areas like your entry area and bathrooms. Another way to go is to change out an old unappealing bedroom carpet. Changes such as these can go a long way with making your property more aesthetic and in turn making you more money!

Roof Problems that Have Leaks

Roof problems that have some leaking going on can definitely be a right costly mess. Leaks can cause considerable damage to an asset and also come along with relentless repair bills that can start falling like dominos. They can cause further damage to the interior that leads to spending more money to repair. 

You also need to consider the damage that can happen to tenants’ belongings due to water leaks and they may leave you holding the bill. It is possible that you do not need a new roof, but you can find the area that is causing the problem and patch it!

Add a Bar

Making an addition of a standalone bar by extending your countertop. A simple addition such as this adds ambiance and appeal.

While you are at it, another idea that makes a big difference is to add a stylish backsplash to your kitchen.

Don’t stop there when you are on a conservative upgrade. You can also resurface your kitchen cabinets and voila you have changed the whole look of your kitchen and still have money left over for further upgrades.

Replace Your Hardware

Replacing your hardware is easy to overlook. You can change the look of your bathrooms and kitchen by simply taking out the old hardware and installing some eye-catching hardware!

If your kitchens and bathrooms are outfitted with outdated hardware you won’t attract when you stage the property. Staging a vacation rental property can be expensive which is why you should maximize the impact of every staging by updating the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms. 

Dazzle Tenants and with a Little Help From PMI Estes Park

PMI Estes Park knows what it takes to attract tenants to vacation rental properties. When we manage your vacation rentals we can recommend and install upgrades that will attract more tenants and give your business a boost. Upgrading your vacation rental properties is a good idea having them managed by PMI Estes Park is an even better one! 

Want to attract more business to your vacation rentals? Then you’ll want to have a chat with PMI Estes Park!

Image Source: Pixabay