Deep Cleaning Tips for Vacation Rentals: Making Your Home Sparkle

Deep Cleaning Tips for Vacation Rentals: Making Your Home Sparkle

Do you want to know one of the best ways to ensure your rental is always booked? Keep it as clean as possible! Guests want to know that the place they've reserved for vacation is fresh and welcoming.

Read on to learn some deep cleaning tips for vacation rentals!

Dust Regularly

Your first order of business should be dusting everything in your vacation rental. Even if the turnover time between guests is short, regular dusting keeps everything fresher.

Take objects off of surfaces to dust them as well as the surfaces themselves. Dust shelves and the tops of picture frames. And dust televisions, clocks, and other wall decor.

Clean Appliances

Maintaining a clean kitchen in your vacation rental is essential to make the best impression. Scrubbing countertops, stovetops, and sinks comes with the territory. But don't forget to wipe down your appliances, too.

The fronts and interiors of refrigerators and ovens can get covered with smears. And the insides of microwaves can look scary if something bubbles over. Start tackling stains and spills in your rental before it's impossible to remove them.

Tackle Laundry

You may require guests in your rental to gather dirty linens and place them by the laundry machine. Make sure you start the laundry as one of your first tasks between bookings! You don't want the eyesore of a mountain of dirty linens to greet your next guests.

And when it comes to laundering tips for vacation rental linens, treating stains is key. Always change out dish and hand towels between guests to avoid spreading germs. And avoid putting out towels or other sheets with any blemishes on them.

Vacuum Everything

Sweeping is important, but vacuuming is essential, especially if you have carpet. Make sure you have a high-suction vacuum with attachments. Then tackle plush carpets and smooth floors alike to remove dust and crumbs.

And just as with dusting, don't limit yourself to the obvious choices. After all, dusty ceiling fan blades won't exactly give guests confidence that the rest of your rental is clean. Vacuum exhaust fans and vents to achieve a deeper clean.

Don't Overlook the the Details

If your home has architectural details, like baseboards or crown molding, don't forget to clean them. The same goes for window treatments, like blinds and curtains.

And when it comes to bathroom cleaning tips for vacation rentals, every surface needs attention. Wipe down mirrors, door handles, and light fixtures. Clean the insides of drawers with a damp rag, too, to make sure debris doesn't accumulate.

Practice These Deep Cleaning Tips for Vacation Rentals

When you follow these deep cleaning tips for vacation rentals, you'll create a fresher environment for your guests to relax. Commit to regular dusting and vacuuming. And don't forget to scrub down appliances and architectural details.

At PMI Estes Park, we specialize in offering complete property management services so you don't have to do the deep cleaning yourself. With local owners at the helm, we can help ensure your vacation rental is profitable. Contact us today to learn more!