Summer Vacation Rental Tips: Making the Most of the High Season

Summer Vacation Rental Tips: Making the Most of the High Season

Colorado's perfect blend of sunny skies and mountains makes it a coveted summer vacation destination. And if you own a property in Estes Park, you'll want to take advantage of the vacation rental market.

Keep reading to learn the best tips to make your summer vacation rental stand out!

Use Peak Season Pricing

A summer vacation rental in Colorado is bound to attract interest. That means planning your pricing with demand in mind. Set prices higher during the summer months since more people will be eager to visit the mountains for outdoor experiences.

For a fall and winter rental season strategy, you can cool off the prices. Research your competition, too, so you can keep your prices competitive. And polish your listing with high-resolution photos that showcase your property's best features.

Refresh Your Home's Decor

Whether you own a beach vacation rental or one nestled in the mountains, decor is critical to making a good impression. While an urban vacation rental may appeal to some, tapping into your surroundings makes more sense in Estes Park. You can go with a rugged theme that ties in with the Colorado mountain backdrop.

Rich wood furniture adorned with throws and rugs in bold patterns will create a cozy environment. Fresh white walls will show off natural wood tones and create a bright environment. Hang paintings or photographs that capture the scenic beauty of the state.

Be a Welcoming Host

Don't forget the value of small gestures. When you can show that you're a welcoming host, you might just earn better reviews and rebookings. Before guests arrive, add a few final touches to your rental.

Place a welcome basket on the kitchen table of your vacation rental. Stock it with a handwritten card and some local food and beverage favorites. As another personal touch, add recommendations for local eateries.

Add some guides and maps for popular excursions and trails. And place complimentary toiletries in the bathrooms for added convenience.

Appeal to an Outdoorsy Crowd

Colorado vacationers may have their eye on hiking or kayaking during their stay. Vacation rentals for outdoor enthusiasts need to be equipped with amenities geared toward an active lifestyle.

Amenities like kayaks, life jackets, and hiking gear can be part of your sales pitch for your home. And if you have a hot tub and an inviting backyard oasis, you'll seal the deal. Amenities that target individuals interested in maximizing their outdoor time will give your listing a boost.

Make Your Summer Vacation Rental Shine

A sought-after summer vacation rental will include quality amenities and fresh decor. Be strategic with your approach to pricing to get the most from peak-season bookings. And include personal touches, like local foods and toiletries, to help guests feel welcome.

At PMI Estes Park, we have the expertise to help you get the best returns on your vacation rental property. With in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, we can give you the best guidance on anything from pricing to management. Contact us today to learn more!